andré latz team-entwicklung Ethics As A Crucial Competitive Advantage

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Intercultural / cross-cultural skills
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Rules are made for men,
not the men for the rules.

‚Appreciate diversity be fit for the global market‘

In industrial countries such as Germany, thus personnel costs are indeed higher than in less developed countries. However, within a liberal democratic country every company has the advantage of location: such a society is based on responsible, independent and free person. Thus, the basis for more creativity, higher intrinsic motivation, innovation and higher responsibility is created.

Increase the potential of intercultural competence in your company and team. Become aware of your own cultural roots and try to get to know new cultural standards. That’s where intercultural learning begins. Support intercultural competence by accompanying during fundamental way of work or during preparation and follow-up work of a concrete activity abroad.

In short:
  • Ask yourself how your own cultural standards affect your own percipience, thinking, feeling and dealing.
  • Experience how other cultural standards affect percipience, thinking, feeling and dealing.
  • Enable yourself to choose the right communication and action alternatives in situations like intercultural encounters.
  • Realize that intercultural learning is a long-lasting process.

Every participant will go away with following benefits:
  • Numerous references
  • A well-founded basis for intercultural competence with many examples.
  • Confrontation with your own social origin. Based on this confrontation with other cultures.

André Latz

Your location of choice / Inhouse
Or for Example
Redemptorists monastery Wittem

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Hourly rate is 230.00 € plus value added tax.
This includes a handout and, if requested, references as well as preparation and follow-up work.
Further Information about the financial investment can be found